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ParaSure Multi Lumen Channel Control (MLCC)

The ParaSure Multi Lumen Channel Control (MLCC) simulates an endoscope with 3 channels (1 x 1mm diameter and 2 x 2mm diameter), providing a unique solution to realistically test the effectiveness of the washer-disinfector. The MLCC combines 3 polypropylene head indicator holders, each of which is connected to a 1.5 metre length of PTFE tubing that terminates in a luer lock. Manufactured in accordance with EN ISO/TS 15883-5:2005 (Annex R6 Test Pieces UK), the MLCC challenges the machine to ensure effective soil removal by simulating the conditions found within the endoscope.

The MLCC is designed to be used with the ParaSure Cleaning Efficacy Indicators (CEI).

  • Unique simulation of endoscope

  • Conforms to recommendations in EN ISO/TS 15883-5

  • Realistically challenges the process

  • Easy to interpret results

  • Polypropylene heads

  • Cost effective

  • Product code: PS1650P

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