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PARASURE Consultancy

About Us


Pete Newson and Cindy Graham, co-owners of the ParaSure group of companies have over 25 years each in the global decontamination arena. They have both been responsible for business and product management, developing and launching products in over 70 countries, growing businesses through direct sales forces and distributors worth over $80 million.

A lot of their career has been spent in educative selling through the ministry of health executives, sales organisations and they were instrumental in writing a booklet on the A-Z of decontamination with a group of globally recognised key opinion leaders which went on to be the foundation of the current document published by the WHO ( World Health Organisation).

Their experience is now being channelled into the ParaSure group of companies.


ParaSure which focuses on infection control within healthcare and dental, ParaSure organics which promotes an organic disinfectant range for a multitude of applications including leisure, academic and commercial, and ParaSure consultancy which offers you and your organisation the chance to receive guidance, education, and objective advice on the following topics. The courses are adaptable to your needs but include the following

1) Infection Control – global best practice, demands, and relevant standards. The content is very much education-based to equip sales forces, sales management, and R & D personnel with what is required to ensure your business is on top of current demands.

2) Business management – how to effectively manage people, product lines, road maps,
remote teams, international shipping, and financial options.

3) Dealer appointment and management – what constitutes a good dealer, what to expect and
what to demand, contracts, advice, and guidance on timely management

4) Regional demands in global business-specific challenges in different regions of the world
including the Middle East, Asia Pacific, USA, and Latin America. In addition, we offer a course
for women in business who are breaking into new regions around the world.

The Team

Cindy Graham
Director - ParaSure Ltd
Pete Newson
Director - ParaSure Ltd
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CARP Medix LLC offers their customers professional, honest support and education in the world of decontamination.

The 4 owners have between 15 and 30 years experience each in the world of decontamination and their passion, reputation and access to first class products has brought them together to offer customers a unique portfolio supported by a wealth of knowledge at competitive cost Registered in Texas, CARP Medix has international coverage through offices in the USA and in the UK.

Contact us today to find out more.

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