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Creating Safe Environments

Following the Global Pandemic crisis, ParaSure decided to innovate and create a range of products which would combat against these contagious diseases. ParaSure have created a Room Decontamination Diffuser which is effective against these diseases.


The hospitality industry was one of the hardest industries hit by the recent pandemic and is continuously facing strict measure  to reach the highest levels of cleanliness to reduce the spread of any deadly viruses and diseases. Fortunately with the ParaSure RDD any room, lobby, restaurant and more can be cleaned effectively and efficiently. ParaSure RDD does not affect respiration and is safe for use in food chain supply areas.

Why use PS19 RDD for Hospitality?

  • ParaSure RDD cleans areas of harmful bacteria in under 15 minutes. ParaSure RDD can sanitise gyms, restaurants, cafes, bars boats, caravans, offices, any size space any location.

  • Use in any room (from entrance/ lobby to bedrooms, gyms, and steam rooms)

  • Eliminates odours, leaving a fresh clean organic smell.

  • Cost effective and easy to use – depress nozzle and leave for 10 minutes.

Image by Abdelkader Kherbouche

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