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Duplex 3 Line Documentation Label & Gun

This simple to use duplex documentation label for steam sterilisation processes creates a direct link between the process and the patient. Compatible with all manual traceability systems, it is suitable for use in hospital, clinic, GP and dental environs in both large and table top sterilisers.


Used in conjunction with the ParaSure label gun, the relevant information including process date, expiry date, operator number, steriliser number and cycle number is printed using the gun during the preparation process. After sterilisation, the label is peeled off and reapplied to either patient or departmental records as evidence of an effective process.

  • Conforms to EN IS0 11140-1 Type 1

  • Duplex Label for effective sterilisation

  • process record keeping

  • Steam process indicator - easy to read

  • Records; process date, expiry date, operator number, steriliser number and cycle number

  • Easy to use with the ParaSure Label Gun

  • Non-toxic

  • Lead free

Screenshot 2021-02-23 at 15.05.51.png

Product code: PS1500

Duplex 3 Line

Documentation Labels

30 rolls x 400 labels/carton

Product code: PS1530

3 Line Documentation

Label Gun

Single unit

Product code: PS1540

Ink Cartridge for Label Gun

Single Unit

Steam Sterilization Load Controls 5.3 minute Load Control

The ParaSure 5.3 minute Load Control consists of one polypropylene helix process challenge device together with 250 indicators. Designed to be used in conjunction with ParaSure in-pack monitoring systems, the Load Control provides immediate physical independent confirmation that the cycle parameters have been met. The

indicators show a clear colour change from blue to black upon the successful completion of a cycle.

  • For cycles of 5.3 minutes at 134ºC or 15 minutes at 121ºC

  • Helix device conforms to EN 867-5

  • Indicators are as per EN ISO 11140-1

  • Realistically challenges the process

  • Easy to interpret results

  • Complements in-pack monitoring systems

  • Non-toxic and lead-free

Screenshot 2021-02-23 at 14.24.42.png

Product code: PS1430

5.3 minute Load Control

1 helix device and 250 indicators

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