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ParaSure Synthetic Cleaning Efficacy Indicators

ParaSure Cleaning Efficacy Indicators, when used in conjunction with the range of ParaSure Process Challenge Devices prove the efficacy of your mechanical cleaning system (ultrasonic, washer disinfector and AER) through the visual inspection of soil removal. The ParaSure CEI meets, in some cases exceeds, the specifications and requirements of test soils outlined by EN ISO/TS 15885-5.

Suitable for use with the Standard Basket PCDStandard Lumen PCDSingle Lumen Channel Control 1 (SLCC1)Single Lumen Channel Control 2 (SLCC2) and Multi Lumen Channel Control (MLCC)

  • For ultrasonics, washer disinfectors and AERs

  • Simulates human soil and meets the requirements of 15883

  • Non-toxic, stainless steel substrate

  • Diagnostic and easy to interpret

  • For use in both routine monitoring and as a validation tool

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  • Product code: PS1601

  • Supplied in boxes of 100 with Instructions for Use and Assessment Aid

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